A Zero CAPEX eCOMM Solution for "HyperLocal" MSMEs/Retailers

MSMEs/Retailers MUST have an eCOMM Presence to be Competitive & Enhance their Revenues

eCOMM allows - 24x7 presence; Extends Reach to a larger customer base; Adds a Premium Perception; Improves processes for stock & sale management; Enhances customer retention led by better satisfaction, quality & meeting commitments at all levels.

A Single Location, Smaller entity may want to “JOIN” an Existing eCOMM Market Place. Entities, with a single Large location with wide range of products & significant sales, AND those with multi-locations may prefer their “OWN” eCOMM presence. Some others, selling their products through multiple retail points could prefer an eCOMM presence to enable ease of buying for their customers.



Zero Capex, Practically NEGLIBLE Upfront & Recurring Cost

Groceries, Vegetables, Fruits, Bakeries, Meat & Cold Storage, Nutrition & Supplements, Pet Food & Accessories Stationeries, Restaurants & Takeaways, Cosmetics, Jewellery, Apparel & Accessories, Electronics, Mobiles AND Custom Options for Pharmacies, Salons & Spas, Hotel & Banquets, Events, Dance/Yoga/Theatre Classes etc

  1. Branded Digital eCOMM White Label Store – www.yourownstorename.com ; Designed for Smart Devices/ Phones; Best for MSME/Retailer with a Large Single or Multiple locations. Even those selling their products from different stores can opt. Ref www.urbanbuy.in, www.yochinapatna.com. www.oxfordstationery.co.in, www.themeatmart.in, www.riramarketing.com, www.fittciti.com, www.purvin.in and many more.
  2. Branded Digital eComm White Label Market Place – www.yourownmarketplace.com ; Best for Market associations, Wholesale/Retail Mandi, Business Associations, Local market with 50-100 shops; Entity with Large # of Outlets/dealers etc..
  3. Join an existing Branded Digital eCOMM Market Place - www.lokal.in - Expanding in Mumbai. Let’s engage & explore possibilities for your city/area.
  4. Subdomain on Branded Digital eCOMM Market Place – www.subdomain.lokal.in - Customized feature on www.lokal.in, to have your own exclusive Subdomain.lokal.in for your customers to be Directly Directed to the subdomain.
  5. Mobile App (IoS + Android): Coming soon for www.lokal.in ; Paid EXTRA for Subdomain & White Label options. Mobile APP not practical for some stores because of nature of product, but eCOMM site is mobile accessible as a website.
  6. Facebook Shop Now: Option to connect with Your Existing Facebook Shop Now, if already present.
  7. Your Brand Remains Your Brand - White Label/BRAND recall continues for YOUR Brand.
  8. Your Customer Remains Your Customer - Ownership of Customer Data, Access and Control remains with you. UNIQUE Feature. Customers on Market Place can view others shops but not so for Subdomain & White Label options.
  9. Multi Counter Single Payout - On Swiggy, Zomato, etc, customer pays separately for each restaurant. It is time-consuming & the feel of shopping is missing. Feature allows customer to shop across multiple retail points & pay at the time of checkout.
  10. Digital Campaigns – Included for www.lokal.in; Paid EXTRA for Subdomain and White Label options.
  11. Offline Marketing - Two 3 x 2sq ft Posters + upto 20ft Flex included.
  12. Payment Gateway – Multiple Options – Apps, UPI, Cards and more; Online Settlement with MSME/Retailer.
  13. SEO, Notifications, Emails, Reports – Included. Premium Reports for White Label Options. Premium SMS Service Paid EXTRA.


  1. Zero Capex - Setup Fee (upto Rs1000/-); Upfront Quarterly Fee (Rs.1500-3000/-); Revenue Share (3-12%, product based)
  2. Direct Vendor Payment – Charges for Your Branded Url, Mobile App Listing to be Paid EXTRA, Directly to respective vendors.
  3. Customization – Limited options as formats are predefined. Paid EXTRA, as per scope of work.
  4. PACKING & DELIVERY – STRICTLY by MSME/Retailer; Customer is in local area. Allows continued ownership & trust building.
  5. CONTENT for eComm Site/Mobile App – To be provided by MSME/Retailer.
  6. TIME to GO LIVE – 7-15 days from receipt of the order with set-up Fee, 1st quarter/annual fees (for www.lokal.in) AND Content for the eComm site. eComm sites can be made live without pictures, which can be added later, over a few days.

Come Join the Growing List of MSMEs/Retailers going LIVE with eCOMM presence

To Service their Existing Customers and Expanding their Reach