Business 24x7

Don’t lose out on that customer that always works late, or that old couple in your neighbourhood who is unable to visit your store. Enable all your customer to shop from you, anytime and from anywhere.


Don’t be limited to just your physical store. Your online store ensures you have an additional channel for promoting, marketing and sales. Think of this as another store, just with much greater reach to your customers, wherever they may be!


Get new customers, extend your area of operations. Build promotions and increase your sales. Manage inventory and build your product database. All this and more, in one place & easily managed.


Now you can not only offer your customers the convenience of shopping from anywhere and at anytime, but you too can run, manage and maintain your store, from anywhere and at any time.

No Overheads

Our simple and Pay as You Go Plan ensures you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. Also, if you were planning on opening another store, sign up with us and forget those huge rentals and maintenance bills.

Very Low Investment

A simple subscription fee that ensures you pay for only what you need. You can now start, run and manage your business without any huge investments in money, time and effort.

Business Expansion

Don’t restrict yourself to only customers in your locality. Once you’re online, your business is as large and scalable as you want it to be. Grow and increase your business operations without any hassles.

Value Added Services

Thinking about using social media? Don’t worry we have taken care of it. Worried about managing your online store? Our Team will do it for you. Want to analyse your customer data? We’ve already done it for you. And there’s much more.


From choosing the look and feel of your online store, to customising your product offerings and delivery rules, we’ve thought of it all. Simply decide how you want your store to function and with the click of a button it’ll be done.


With your web address you’re now a part of a global community of Shoppers and Businesses. Increase footfall and engagement by running campaigns online and increasing Sales and Distribution.

Grow you business and expand your reach. Get Online Now!